Curious! How to stay fit during Your Kilimanjaro Climb?

 “Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.” Arnold Schwarzenegger. Physical condition is the most necessary thing to check before any trekking and climbing. Exercise gives you the ability to keep your body fit, and fitness gives you the strength to climb on the peaks. Knowing the ability of your body and doing medical check-ups can prevent you from getting into any trouble at the time of Climbing Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, Country Tanzania, Continent Africa, is one of the highest and challenging peaks of Africa. Its total height from the sea level is more than 5000 meters, with an ice cape covering the top of the mountain. Climbing without any preparation and fitness can cause you Altitude Sickness. Some of the necessary conditions you should be aware of your body fitness can you walk comfortably at least a distance of 1000 meter, are you able to walk continually for six to seven hours, or can you run or jog with good speed for at least 50 minutes.

Know your body

Mount Kilimanjaro is considered to be the deadliest and beautiful mountain in the world, so before stepping on it you should go through some important health checkups and exercise. Climbing with some better and advanced skills may add you some extra benefits while Kilimanjaro Hike. At a higher altitude of the mountain, you will feel low air pressure, which will help you in climbing but low temperature so your body should be ready to resist cold.

Exercise Should Be Done A Month Before Hiking


Before you start Climbing Kilimanjaro, doing exercise is the most prior thing, so that your body can work with your confident without falling sick at any moment and can achieve a great height in less time. This exercise helps you to restrain your muscles and lungs, also increases your stamina and abilities, making you flexible and durable and helps you to sustain the low temperature at higher altitudes. Some of the exercises are mentioned below which can help you to prevent Altitude Sickness.


Stretching is one of the key exercises for hikers so that they will not feel any pain during their adventure, stretching helps to relieve muscle pain and pressure. Most affected areas of the body which gets more stress are leg muscle, shoulders, and hips, so to run your body smoothly at the time of hiking. You should always do it before you start and at the end of the day where you will stop so that you can get ready for another day. Some of the stretching exercises are Hamstring Stretch, Calf Stretch, Standing Quad, Shoulder stretch, and Hip Flexor Stretch.

Goblet Squats:

Goblet squats are the foundation exercise that doesn’t need any heavy metals lifting. This is an easy process which helps in shaping and strengthens your muscles. It can be done by holding a dumbbell or a kettle bell with your two hands. The hands will position at the middle of the chest holding the dumbbell so that gravity can pull it downwards. It will be done by continuous sit-ups for at least 5 to 8 minutes. Squats help you to carry heavy loads during Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Leg Press:

Leg Press is a unique form of exercise in which the whole body will rest and the legs will push heavy weight assigned with a dumbbell. This exercise helps increases the ability of the legs and give it toughness to sustain any type of pressure during any hiking. The process of doing this exercise is first resting your body on the resistance machine then set your legs at the upper part of the machine, here your body will rest lower whereas the legs will be in the upper position. Then slowly push the weight up and up till your legs get straight, then bear the weight up-to-the time you can.  


Step-Ups are an exercise that helps in increasing the potential of the body so that you can easily climb the mountain. This workout is done to make lungs and your legs strong and you can restrain from Altitude Sickness. This exercise is done also for balancing the body as well as your knees become stronger. Here you need a staircase or a bench than start this exercise. Climb on the bench with one leg moving forward and then get downward with another leg.

Do a full body check-up:


body check up

Are you planning for Climbing Kilimanjaro? If yes, then you should first go for body check-up. Medical Check-Up or full body check-up is one of the most important steps to be followed before going for any trekking. Doctors use to check to do different scans and blood tests to confirm that you are fit for climbing. If the doctor declares you unfit then you have to prepare again and try to test before going. If you go hiking with bad health then, the chances of death are higher.

Do Altitude Training If Possible

Higher altitude training helps you to improve the capacity of your body to remain constant at higher altitudes without getting much tired. In higher altitude the oxygen level is low so it makes difficult for the body to remain there, training over their makes your body stiff. The maximum of the people use to get trained at an altitude height of 2000 meters, it will lead you to an adventurous unending journey.

Carry A First Aid Kit


med kit

Med- Kit or First aid kit is an important thing to be carried with so that you can be aware and safe from any problem which will be further coming. First aid kit should compose of a bandage, some important pills and lotion, knife, thread, sanitizer, and crape bandage.


This is a medicine having a composition of Acetazolamide, which is used to get rid from Altitude Sickness. All the symptoms like tiredness shorten of breath, dizziness, and nausea can be easily lower with this medicine. So it becomes necessary for the climbers to have this medicine before climbing.

Bandage And Antiseptic Cream-

Bandage and Antiseptic can prevent you from any cut or harmful bites of insects or snakes. At higher altitude as the mass of haemoglobin and RBC increases so there is a chance of high rate of blood flow, making you weak and can cause death.


Sanitizer is required to keep you clean from outer germs and bacteria. At higher altitude some bacteria can easily grow so it’s necessary to treat and clean your hands and legs after going toilet and after ending your journey.

These are the most important precautions you should take before you put your step for climbing. You should do continuous exercise so that your body can easily survive with your soul while Climbing Kilimanjaro.  Ascend Tanzania trains and provides the health kit to keep you safe at a higher altitude, so that your journey can be safer and adventurous. For more details please visit our website @

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