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Blessed with beautiful vistas and striking landscapes, Tanzania is one of the East African countries and an iconic destination that receives millions of visitors worldwide every year. Bordered by Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique the country is a homeland to many hidden gems. The primary attractions that drive people crazy to visit this country are:

The Majestic Mountain Kilimanjaro is Standing proudly at the heart of Tanzania acquiring the height of 5, 895m the spellbind mountain is one of the highest free-standing mountains in the world.  Climbing Kilimanjaro is in the bucket list of many trekkers around the world, hence the foothills of the mountain witness around 35,000+ trekkers each year.

Being homeland to 16 national parks Tanzania is one of the spellbound safari destinations of the African Continent. The national park’s untamed wildlife, rolling savannahs, dense rainforests, and panoramic views are heaven for nature and wildlife admirers.

The country is rich with many compelling lakes, waterfalls and the bewitching beaches at the shorelines of the Indian Ocean is a perfect beach holiday gateway for them who loves to spend time around water bodies as well as it offers various water sports for adventure lovers.

Apart from these hypnotic attractions, there are many things to explore like the historical and cultural heritage or go for climbing Kilimanjaro that drives millions of tourists & trekkers. The prime concern of the tourists is how to obtain a visa for Tanzania without hassle. If you are also going through the same confusion here is the complete guide for you

Process for applying E-visa

processes applying visa

If you are flying to Tanzania from overseas then you will need a Tanzania visa for entering this country. However, there are 52 countries in which citizens can enjoy a visa-free entry and can spend 3 months in the country without a Visa.

If you don’t belong to those countries that can enjoy a visa-free entry you need to obtain a Tanzanian visa before entering the country. The process of applying a visa is quite easy and requires a few minutes only. The E-visa facility was implemented towards the end of 2016 by the Government of Tanzania to make it easy for the travelers to obtain a visa.

You need to fill the E-visa form online and after filling the form and submitting it along with your documents it will take maximum 2 working days to process your application and once your visa will be approved you will be contacted through e-mail or phone to let you know your visa is ready for collection.

Cost and Types of Tanzania visa

Cost of applying a visa

The cost of the visa depends upon which types of Visa the traveler is applying for. There are 3 types of visa a traveler can apply for:

Single-entry visa: 

   The single entry Tanzania visa allows you to enter Tanzania one time. These types of visa are obtained by the travelers who are intended to visit the country, medical treatment, Trekking or any other legal activities that need to be done in 90 days as the single entry visa allows the traveler to stay in the country only for 90 days.

“Single-entry Visa costs USD 50 for each person.”

Multi-entry Visa:   

 The multiple entry visas allow the traveler to visit the country often and in one visit the traveler can stay up to 90 days continuously. The maximum validity of a multi-entry visa is 12 months.

“A multi-entry visa costs USD 100 for each person.”

Business Visa:    

The business visa allows the traveler to enter the country for one time to conduct special assignments, fixing or repairing machinery product, short-term training, any kind of audit or attending business meetings or seminars.  

“A business visa costs USD 250 per person.”

Transit Visa:   

A transit visa is valid for a maximum of 2 weeks. A transit visa is issued to them who are intended to cross through one point of Tanzania to another point without visiting.

“A transit visa costs USD 30 for each person.”

What the required documents for us citizens?

tanzania visa for american citizen

  • A complete visa application for signed by the applicant
  • A passport having validity for at least 6 months
  • 2 recent pass-port sized photograph having white background
  • Enough Cash
  • Hotel reservation or invitation if you are invited to attend any function
  • Copy of certificate of registration
  • Copy of official Identity Card
  • Yellow Fever vaccination certificate

If you are planning to give a visit to this mesmerizing country to explore the unmatched national parks, climbing Kilimanjaro, or just to relax on the beaches and intended to get more information on the same visit us @ for detailed and true information. 

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