Is Diamox Necessary For Kilimanjaro Climbing? What Are The Other Things You Need To Carry?

Most of the hikers either they are first-timers or experienced love to go for Tanzania to take part in one of the best activities that are available there and it is none other than booking for the ultimate Kilimanjaro Climbing.

When it comes to climbing Kilimanjaro, there are few things that people must keep in mind while hiking such as it is the only free-standing mountain that is non-technical allowing even the untrained climbers a chance to have a unique experience.

Diamox & Its Uses



Diamox is specially used for countering Acute Mountain Sickness. It is a diuretic medication that promotes the production of urine. It is mostly used for preventing altitude sickness. But in no way, it’s a cure. People mostly use it for reaching the summit safely by just avoiding the onset of symptoms.   

Associated Side-Effects For Using Diamox

Yes, there are numerous side-effects associated with this medication:-

a) As it is a drug that promotes urination, you will experience it while ascending the mountain by taking Diamox. Frequent intake of this Altitude Sickness Medication can result in the development of kidney stones. Hence, it will be better to take lots of water while taking Diamox pills.

b) You will also feel Numbness and tingling in the fingers, toes, and face. It is a kind of sensation that your body will experience but it not dangerous.

c) It may also make an effect on your tongue as the food you normally eat will taste differently while taking a lunch or dining.

Two Additional Vaccinations For Safety

Yes, there are two other drugs that you can take for your Kilimanjaro Climbing such as:-  



It is widely used for combat getting malaria. Anyway, it is better to take the drug while touring other parts of Tanzania. As taking this medication while climbing Kilimanjaro can be quite risky. Moreover, the conditions required to spread malaria are not suitable for the anopheles mosquito, which is known as the carrier of malaria. Hence, it will be better to consult with the local physician before going for the mountain and taking the medication during the climb to complete the course.   



This specific drug helps in treating severe forms of diarrhoea. It will be better to use this medicine only after getting a ‘go ahead’ signal from your doctor.    

What To Pack For Kilimanjaro Inside A First Aid Kit Except for These Medicines?

Suggested: - Some Additional Medical Supplies That Are Equally Important

There are numerous other items that you can pack apart from these medicines are as follows:-

Elastic Knee Support


elastic knee support

It works as one of the best support for your knees to help you in climbing Kilimanjaro. Without it, climbing Kilimanjaro can be painful for people who have past cases of arthritis.   

Skin Moisturiser

To combat extreme cold weather along with the brighter sun, you will need skin moisturizer to protect your skin from getting dry and sunburns.  

Bandages And Antiseptic Cream

You are also going to need lots of bandages along with an antiseptic cream to treat your wounds while climbing Kilimanjaro.

Hand Wipes And Sanitizer

This is one of the least important things that you must have in your kits such as hand wipes and sanitizer to keep your hands and other parts of the body clean at all times.  

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