A Man Named Neeraj Who Made a “Mission Impossible” to “Mission Possible”

Story of Neeraj George Baby Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Photo Credit - Neeraj George Baby

Life is inevitable. It comes at a different package of surprises. But we must not lose hope. Barring the few things in our life, nothing can we hold onto our hands. Preaching and salvation are both sides of the same coin. But some souls on earth never lose their hope. They make their path.

Meet the man from Kerala named Neeraj George Baby, A 32-year-old man from Aluva who clinched Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa with One Leg, A differently-abled man who has the courage of a Super Human. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not an easy task to choose. He lost his limb due to a tumor in his left leg when he was 9. But that did not come along his way. A Para-Badminton Player who won many accolades and honors. From being a national level Badminton player to a Mountain Explorer, He came a long way. As Neeraj says “People should take their life a bit slower than moving faster.

Choosing such type of heavy hurdle is not a piece of cake for anyone, but for this man when he was on an expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,341 feet on his Crutches is such a story of bravery that many would not even think of this.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a year long term dream for Neeraj.

He says that it’s a memorable moment in my life his five-year-old dream got fulfilled. 

He is an avid Adventurer. Clinching the feat of Mount Kilimanjaro is not his first triumph of victory. Previously He conquered Karnataka third Highest Mountain Tadiandamol, Pakshipathalam in Wayanad and Kurunji in Tamil Nadu.

He proved that with such courage and determination one can go beyond the clouds. As there is a proverb “Sky is the limit”. His family felt relieved when they heard from him over the phone in a video call. His life took a drastic turn when he came to know that his leg had to be amputated due to cancer tumor in 1996. But Neeraj says He was way more comfortable over crutches than Prosthetics Leg. 

Neeraj always wanted to prove to the world that nothing can come along his way and his dreams. He first took Badminton to his liking as his fitness mantra. Gradually he liked interest in it and to his hard-working and challenging effort, He went on to win Para-badminton on national and international levels. He went on to win Gold in Badminton Doubles and Silver in Singles at the 2008 Asian Paralympics Cup.

So, here we can learn from Neeraj that disability is not an obstacle but can be used as a weapon in one’s life. Currently, He Works at Advocate General Office at Kochi. He says he wants to work for his fraternity and start an Institute for badminton Players. We hope he succeeds his splendid effort and clinches as many as possible victories and honors in the forthcoming future.

Ascend Tanzania salutes to the courage and admiration of such trekkers. They help all the mountain trekkers. This is a lifetime achievement for many. We help the trekkers to succeed in the year-long dream to achieve Mount Kilimanjaro. We hope to see succeed as many as possible explorers who hope to reach Mount Kilimanjaro.

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