Ultimate Female Travel Packing List For Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Preparing for the trek to the African continent’s highest point is a long process especially when females are involved in hiking the great mountain. Like all others, they have to do the following before Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing such as:-

   1. Selecting a reliable trekking company

   2. Paying the deposits in advance

   3. Booking the flights

   4, Taking all vaccinations

   5. Convincing parents about your safety

   6. And getting trained on so many hills in order to stay in the best form

While preparing for such a grand event will seem like a big task for you. Your trekking company will also send a wide-ranging of Kilimanjaro Packing List of what to bring, this post includes all those items plus things that you must include in your bag.

It is understood that the list for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is very long. Always keep in mind that lighter is better, for yours as well as the sake of your porters. No one wants to be a jerk with a super heavy pack:-

We Recommend What? Four Random Things To Bring With You

For people who are not familiar with Female-Centric Kilimanjaro Packing List, here are some of the things that are recommended:-  

Dark Fingernail Polish

It is recommended because, it helps in covering the dirt under the nails of women. A few coats of the dark fingernail polish will help you out in feeling better while hiking the mountain.

Panty Liners

Many women trekkers are worried about hygiene on a trek. “It’s not as difficult to stay hygienic as it seems.

Staying hygienic on treks requires some effort, especially during the time of monthly periods. Yes, you won’t get to take bath as you don’t have that much water on Kilimanjaro. So that time panty liners help you to keep dry and hydrate.  

Something Sentimental

By the end of the Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you will be completely exhausted & possibly restless. Thus, at the peak, it is going to be an emotional experience for you and it will be quite better for you to bring in something sentimental with you to take a photo with, at the top of the mountain. 

Gifts For Your Porters

You might not be aware but the simple most reason that you can make it to the top is only due to the porters provided to you by the responsible tour operators like Ascend Tanzania who accompany you to the top carrying all your bags as well as set up your tents and filter your water. In every way, they are amazing. Thus, besides tips, giving gifts to them will encourage them a lot in keeping up the good work.   

Remaining Packing List

Now apart from all that, here is the remaining part of the packing list that you have to deal with:- 


While Climbing Kilimanjaro, your clothing requirement must have to be:-

  • Cool & cozy as well as warm & dry by using clean high-quality base layers, trousers, shorts, shirts & jackets and many more.
  • Apart from that, you will also need two sports bras along with two pairs of long underwear bottoms.


As a mountain trekker, you will need:-

  • Four pairs of woolen socks with the hiking boots.
  • It will be better if you have slipped on shoes with decent grip.


Your gear includes:-

  • Daypack backpack designed to use with a Camelback bladder that will also have enough space to contain a camera, water, rain gear, sunscreen, snacks.
  • A duffel bag for holding personal items such as a sleeping bag & sleeping mat.


You can carry medications such as:-

  • Diamox for preventing altitude sickness.
  • Ibuprofen for treating mild cases of altitude sickness.


There is also a very good Kilimanjaro Packing List on toiletries:-

  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Face Tissues & eco-friendly wet wipes
  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, lip balm, solid deodorant as well as face wash bar.


You can carry your gadgets such as:-

  • Camera & extra battery
  • IPod for your summit night


In case, you have space, you can carry some other important things such as:-

  • Chocolates & snacks
  • Quick drying hand towels for washing your face.


What You Don’t Need

It is understood that ladies have a habit of staying clean all the time but for this hike taking shampoo & conditioner will not be necessary. 

Random Tips

Just use the following Mount Kilimanjario Packing Tips might prove helpful for you:-

  • Just use your heavy jacket as an extra blanket for avoiding extreme cold temperatures at night.
  • It will better to hike slowly while going up to peak; you might not like to drain all your energy before reaching the peak.
  • Test your equipment a week before the adventure.
  • Choose clothing according to the weather and your chosen activity.

Don’t think that this mountain is going to discriminate among the climbers. Thus all those brave women who have signed up for mt kilimanjaro hike must have to give their best. All your answers are waiting @ https://ascendtanzania.com/.

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