Which is Harder Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp?

The peak of Kilimanjaro and Everest base camp hiking are two most epic hikes that are a dream between all the hikers worldwide. These two hikes always used to compare which is harder, however, both of the peaks come with its challenges but Kilimanjaro is considered as the harder one. If you are wondering about which is the harder one to trek then the simple answer is Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is harder than Mount Everest. Here are few comparisons about both the peaks;

Mount Kilimanjaro vs. Mount Everest Base Camp:

Mount Kilimanjaro vs. Mount Everest Base Camp

When the compare comes between both of the prime summits of the world it’s truly difficult to compare between. When Everest is the tallest peak of the world, Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. The base camp of Everest attracts around 40,000 trekkers to Nepal from where the trek starts while 30,000 trekkers every year fly to Tanzania to Conquer the Kilimanjaro Summit.


  Mount Everest Base Camp

      Mount Kilimanjaro Peak

       Altitude – 5,550m

              Altitude- 5,895m

       Duration – 2 weeks

             Duration: 5 to 9 days

Best Season for trekking – September to November

Best Season for trekking – January to March and October


The Summits of Kilimanjaro VS Everest Base Camp:


Summits of Kilimanjaro VS Everest Base Camp

Mostly trekkers compare between both the summits; while Everest takes you to the base camps there Kilimanjaro takes you to the top of the Mountain. Everest base camp is one 5364 m above sea level where the highest peak of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru sits at 5,895m, though the peak of Everest is about 8848m. Both Mountains are offer simple hikes, you don’t need any special mountaineering skills to trek to the peak of these mountains however, a decent physical fitness is needed.


The Success Rate; Kilimanjaro VS Everest Base Camp:


Success Rate on Kilimanjaro

When it comes to the Comparison between Kilimanjaro and Everest there is a clear difference that can be seen. The success rate for climbing Everest Base Camp is quite high than Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing depending upon routes, duration, and price. While the average success rate is 90% for trekking Mount Everest Base Camp, the success rate for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro differs from 90% to 50%. While Everest base trek is relatively old and very well established, the routes offer many opportunities for the climbers to relax. The majestic Kilimanjaro though offers more variations than Everest, the routes are mostly remote and tourism is not established on the routes. 

The Routes Offers; Everest Base Camp VS Kilimanjaro:

To be honest it’s quite difficult to give a particular answer that which mountain routes offer best as both the majestic heights of the world offer unique and interesting things to experience. Mount Everest climb is longer while the routes have various stopover that is called “rest days” where you can visit the mountain villages and explore some religious points that give a spectacular feeling. However, while trekking Kilimanjaro you will meet mostly remote routes without any cities or villages except few towns on the foothill. The treks can be as shorter as 5 days; however, the trails are remote, peaceful and offer spectacular natural views.


Which is the Most Comfortable Trek?Kilimanjaro VS Everest Base Camp:


Comfortable Trek on Mount Kilimanjaro

Both the treks take the climbers to a tremendous height and both of them have their specialties. Though Everest Base Camp is more comfortable due to the old established routes but Kilimanjaro is not that hard with a good trekking operator and established routes. Choosing Marangu Route will allow you to take rest comfortably, sleeping in warm huts over mattresses. If you are trekking with established trekking operators like Ascend Tanzania, your comfort will be highly prioritized.

After comparing a few facts we can say Mt. Everest climbing is quite challenging however, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is harder than Everest Base Camp. So, if you are planning for a hike to Mt. Kilimanjaro, then choose a good trekking partner to ensure safety and a better chance of successful trekking. If you want to experience a rewarding hike to Kilimanjaro, then just click@ https://ascendtanzania.com/

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