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Mountain Trekking Tanzania

Mountain Trekking Tanzania


Ascend Tanzania

Mountain Trekking Tanzania will bring you from the top of Africa on Kilimanjaro, to a very close involvement with the best untamed life display on earth while on safari, to relaxing on the lovely white sand shorelines of Zanzibar after your mountain and safari experience.

Kilimanjaro is the most elevated summit on the African mainland, yet its rising can be viewed as to a greater degree a trek than a mountaineering trip, and does not require climbing background. Our route takes a relaxed pace, appropriate for anybody fit as a fiddle. Mount Meru offers an extraordinary option in contrast to Kilimanjaro, either as readiness for its substantial cousin, or as a compensating trek with excellent perspectives before you set out on a walking safari. We at Ascend Tanzania provide you guided tour on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.

Mount Kilimanjaro:

Mt Kilimanjaro the popular ice topped mountain lies just 3° south of the equator. As Tanzania's milestone, Kilimanjaro towers over the encompassing African fields. Truth be told, it is the most elevated unattached mountain on the planet. It is additionally the most elevated mountain that can be climbed without specialized gear and climbing skills. Generally, all that's needed is putting one foot before the other. Despite the fact that this sounds basic, it is in all probability the hardest test you will ever confront. The greatest hindrance is absence of oxygen at such a high altitude. Without master direction, this climb can be hazardous. However you have nothing to worry as we have the best and professional guides to take you on this Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing .

Mount Meru:

Tanzania's second most elevated mountain is significantly more than only a "warm up" trek for Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru is a functioning (yet torpid) fountain of liquid magma found north of Arusha in Tanzania. At 4562 meters it is Tanzania's second most elevated mountain and the fourth most astounding mountain in Africa. The mountain turned out to be notable for the most part since it is just 70 km from Mount Kilimanjaro: Mount. Meru Climb is the "warm up" trek for Kilimanjaro climbers.