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Umbwe Route Summit Overview

Umbwe Route Summit Overview

Umbwe Route Overview - follow a less trekked path up Kilimanjaro, conquer Africa's highest peak. Get the details about Rongai Route option up Kilimanjaro!

Umbwe is viewed as exceptionally hard, saddling route - one that should just be endeavored by solid hikers who are positive about their capacity to adapt rapidly to altitude. Drawing closer from the south, the Umbwe route is a short, steep and direct climb.

Uwmbe Route Summit begins from Barafu camp. You will climb through thick scree following multiple switchbacks between the Ratzel and Rebmann glaciers until you reach Stella Point (18,650 ft/5,685 m). Where you can see the mesmerizing sunrise. Following which you head for two hours more to reach Uhuru peak, the highest peak of Kilimanjaro.

Congratulations, you are now standing on the Roof of Africa! Then you to Barafu Camp, where you can rest.After which continue down the path back into the forest camp of Mweka.

Also it needs to find out the Umbwe Route Climbing Facts and Umbwe Route Pros And Cons , so that Umbwe Route will be a superb choice for your Kilimanjaro climb.

Umbwe Route Summit Overview



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