Visa and Passport

Visa Passport

Visa Passport

Ascend Tanzania


All trekkers who are not East African residents are required to obtain a visa for Tanzania. Don’t worry; the process is a simple procedure. You can easily obtain visas from your nearest Tanzanian mission or consulate, usually within one day. You can also apply for a visa on arrival at any one of the following main entry point of Tanzania, depending on the fulfilment of all immigration and health requirements:

  • Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)
  • Namanga Entry Point (Tanzania-Kenya border point)
  • Dar es Salaam International Airport
  • Zanzibar International Airport

Apart, from these entry points in Tanzania, visitors must have a valid visa prior to arrival.


All foreign visitors are required to have a passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months.

The passports must have a clean and a full visa page for endorsement.

If a traveler is arriving from a yellow-fever-infected country in Africa or from America, he/she needs a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Visa and Passport

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