Lemosho Route

Lemosho Route

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Service Level : Camping

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Age Requirement : 12+

All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Lemosho Route Overview

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Lemosho route is the best route for your Kilimanjaro climb. It is not only the most affluent and beautiful trail for trekking on Kilimanjaro but also one of the best route for acclimatization and has a better successful summit rate. Find More On The Overview Experience Of Lemosho Trail.

Distance: The Lemosho route is 70 kilometres (42 miles).

Location: Access to the trail begins with a long drive from Moshi or Arusha to Londorossi Gate, and can take three to four hours. Londorossi Gate is located in the western base of the mountain.

Height: The Lemosho route reaches the summit of Kilimanjaro at the Uhuru peak, reaching a height of 5,895 metres (19,341 feet).

Trail conditions: The first part of the trail makes its way through the verdant rainforest to reach the Shira Plateau, and later travels through icefields and high alpine deserts.

Why To Choose Lemosho Route?

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6-9 days trekking

The Lemosho route is clearly the most scenic unspoiled route to Uhuru peak, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The route can be hiked in 8 or 9 days. By hiking the route in 9 days, the additional acclimatization day will significantly increase your chances of reaching the summit.

The various campsites and huts along the route are -

  • MtiMkubwa Camp (2895 m)
  • Shira 1 Camp (3505 m)
  • Shira 2 Camp (3810 m)
  • Moir Hut (4200 m)
  • Barranco Camp (3976 m)
  • Karanga Camp (3995 m)
  • Barafu Camp (4673 m)
  • Mweka Camp (3068 m)

90% Success Rate

Lemosho route has a very good success rate with high chances of reaching the summit when you take your time. With 8 days on the mountain, your chances of reaching the top are as high as 90%. It is still very probable you’ll reach the top with the 7-day hike, with a success rate of 85%. However, with the 6-day hike the success rate drops to approximately 65%.

9927 Travellers Per Year

We have a good Kilimanjaro successful summit rate;Ascend Tanzania will get you to the top!

We have good successfully rate over Kilimanjaro summit via Lemosho Route. Our Kilimanjaro overall statistics shows that, almost all clients climbed with us made to the top (Uhuru peak). We prepare well our trip, and we have good strategies over Kilimanjaro summit on all routes.

Normally 9927 Travellers Per year have been climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro.

Medium Traffics

The Lemosho route boasts high numbers of successful ascents primarily due to the similar topographical features as the Machame route. Trekking at higher altitudes during the day and then spending the nights at lower altitudes greatly assists in acclimatization.

For those seeking a quiet route away from the crowds, Lemosho is often a far better choice than Rongai. However, the Lemosho route combines with the Machame route and later the Umbwe route drastically increasing the number of trekkers.

So in Lemosho Route, there is medium no of traffics to and give the successful way to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Good acclimatization features

Most trekkers complete the Lemosho Route in eight days; however some tour operators offer seven day treks and six day hikes (not recommended) on the Lemosho. The 8-day variation is great for acclimatization and of course increases the probability of success.

The seven day route typically stops for a night at both Shira Camp 1 and Shira Camp 2. Eight day treks stop again at Karanga Camp for another acclimatization day.

If you opt for the 8-day trek, LemoshoRoute offers an excellent acclimatization profile. This makes up for the difficult trek and also offers a high success rate.

Great & varied Kilimanjaro scenery

The Lemosho Route is known to be extremely scenic with beautiful panoramic expanses along the southern traverse, including picturesque views of the remarkable gorges.

Hosting only about 8% of the trekkers, Lemosho is considered as a quieter route and is perfect for private treks. If you are looking forward to a one-on-one experience with nature, Lemosho can be a great choice.

Lemosho is also known for wildlife spotting opportunities. It is possible to come across animals such as antelopes, buffalos and even elephants.

Take on the Barranco Wall

This Lemosho Route itinerary includes the Barranco Wall - and an extra acclimatization day with a shorter day trekking prior to the summit day - which ensures you get more rest, more time to prepare for the summit push – giving you the best chance of making it to the top! It's popular - and that's not surprising - as it has everything!

Best Tips For Success

Slow and steady wins the race. During the majority of the trek, you should only be walking at a pace that you can carry on a conversation with others.

Snacks will be essential to help break up the journey, and to provide a small boost of energy when you’re feeling drained.

Make sure you stay hydrated, as this is essential to reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness.

Where possible, aim to complete short treks before your Kilimanjaro adventure, as a fit hiker is more likely to enjoy the experience.

Best Trail To Climb Kilimanjaro Via Lemosho Route

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Trails on the route are loaded up with the changed grand scenery of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The route is less swarmed when contrasted with different routes making it perfect from first-time trekkers. The route because of its more drawn out timetable gives better acclimatization to the climbers, which enlarges the possibility of a fruitful summit.

Lemosho Route starts on the west side of Kilimanjaro from Londorossi Gate. After which the trek continues through the profound rainforest to Shira level throughout the following two days. The trail at that point, moves eastbound of the Shira Plateau to the Lava Tower in a level climb. The route at that point heads down towards Barranco Valley by means of the Southern Circuit before summiting from Barafu. Following which the drop is made through the Mweka route.

It is prescribed to take the Lemosho Route with a whole night, to encounter the astounding background of Carter camp. The undertaking to carter camp is a standout amongst the most courageous piece of Mt. Kilimanjaro trekking. It gives you and possibility of dozing medium-term in the bowl of the cavity.

Lemosho Route Itinerary For Kilimanjaro

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7 Days Lemosho Route

90% Success Rate

The seven day Lemosho variation is preferred over the six day option because it breaks up day two into two days, providing better acclimatization and a more gradual ascent. On the seven day route, we walk from Forest Camp to Shira Camp 1 on day two, a reasonable altitude gain of 2,000 feet.

Summit Success Chance - Good
Altitude Profile - Excellent
Difficulty - Challenging
Scenery - Excellent

7 days

Starting from $2,045

8 Days Lemosho Route

90% Success Rate

This is the longest and most remote route to Kilimanjaro. After beautiful forests and moorlands it crosses the Shira Plateau to meet up with the Machame Route. The forests around the Lemosho Glades are rich in buffalo, elephant and Other game.The South Circuit is then followed.

Summit Success Chance - High
Altitude Profile - Excellent
Difficulty - Doable
Scenery - Excellent

8 Days

Starting from $2,245

8 Days Lemosho Route With Crater Camp

90% Success Rate

The Lemosho route is considered as one of the most beautiful routes on Kilimanjaro. The trek begins at Lemosho gate on the west side of the mountain. The climb takes you through the fertile rainforest to the wildflowers of the Heath ecosystem. Advancing from the west allows..

Summit Success Chance - Good
Altitude Profile - Average
Difficulty - Challenging
Scenery - Excellent

8 days

Starting from $2,245

9 Days Lemosho Route With Crater Camp

90% Success Rate

The 9 day Lemosho Crater Camp Route is better altitude acclimatization programme. Lemosho is perfect for climbers seeking a more private hiking experience. Although the route joins with the more popular Machame route on the third evening, the first three days on ...

Summit Success Chance - High
Altitude Profile - Average
Difficulty - Challenging
Scenery - Excellent

9 days

Starting from $2,445

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