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Lemosho Route
Travel Style

Travel Style : Active

Hiking, trekking, biking, rafting, and kayaking adventures all over the world, made for outdoor types.

Service Level

Service Level : Camping

Camping most nights with some hotel stays to start and throughout.

Physical Rating

Physical Rating : 5 - Challenging

Serious high-altitude hikes, cycling, or other instances of heavy exercise. Come prepared to sweat a bit.

Age Requirement

Age Requirement : 12+

All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Lemosho Route Overview

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Travel Style: Active

It is basically a hiking route provided by Kilimanjaro. The hiking includes non-technical climbing and long walks.

Service Level: Camping

Camping is the only way to accommodate during the hike. The route offers various camping spots to stop and spend nights in the camp.

Physical Rating: 5 - Challenging

Practicing high-altitude hikes, cycling, and other instances of heavy exercise are highly recommended. Come prepared to sweat a bit.

Age Requirement: 12+

All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Lemosho Route Overview

Lemosho Route is the newest route discovered that initiates from the west side of the Kilimanjaro. There are 6 prime Kilimanjaro Routes are used for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It is hands down the most spectacular Kilimanjaro route that is highly preferred by the trekkers.

Lemosho is considered as one of the best routes that takes you to the Uhuru Peak. The route is also the most scenic route of Kilimanjaro as well as one of the less crowded track to hike.

The route is highly preferred by the trekkers. It is one of the newer rotes of Kilimanjaro. Out of 30,000 trekkers coming to Kilimanjaro most of trekkers chose Lemosho Route after Machame.

This Route is more preferred as Lemosho offers high acclimatizing opportunities. To grab the best opportunity to walk high sleep low method many trekkers prefer to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via Lemosho Route. It is one of the best Kilimanjaro Route that offers a high success rate.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro through Lemosho Route is not only good for acclimatization but also offers a great view. The hike starts at the Londorossi Gate at an altitude of 2360 metres.

The journey starts as you land in Kilimanjaro International airport, and then you will pick by the trekking company’s staff. After that you will be shifted to your hotel in Moshi.  From Moshi to the Londorssai gate takes about 3 to 4hours drive.

From Londorssai the gate to gate distance is approximately 70km. The hike starts from the south side of the mountain. Then the hike follows through the coffee firms, villages, and dense rainforest. In this region you are likely to meet some primates and other mammal species. 

The Lemosho Route offers 2 options; 7 days climbing and 8 days climbing. The trekkers can choose any itinerary as per their physical strength. The journey begins at the scenic Londorssi Gate at 7,742ft to Mti Mkubwa at 9,498ft.

From Mti Mkubwa treks to the second stopover at shira 1 camp at an elevation of 3505m. The distance from Mti Mkubwa to shira 1 camp is 8km and can be covered within 5 to 6 hours traversing through scenic heath zone.

The next stop over is at shira 2 camp at the elevation of 3,810m. The next hike continues from Shira 1 to Shira 2 camp and it takes 5 to 7 hours to cover. From Shira 2 to the hike goes to the next stopover to Barranco Valley through Lava tower.

The hike further continues from Barranco Camp through the great Barranco wall to Karanga Camp at the elevation of 3995m. 

The next hike starts from Karanga valley to Barafu hut that elevates from 13,106ft to 15,331ft.  The hike takes 4 to 5 hours traversing through panoramic alpine desert. Next the hike starts from Barafu hut and reach stella point from there the final hike goes to the top of Uhuru.

The Western breach and Lava tower are the most challenging part the trekkers face during their hike to Uhuru Peak.

Few interesting facts about Lemosho Route:

  • The descending follows the Mweka route via Mweka gate
  • Located at the west side of the mountain to reach it takes few hour drives from Moshi or Arusha
  • It offers more than 90% climbing success rate
  • It can take 7-8-9 days to complete the climbing depending upon trekker’s physical stamina
  • Stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro after crossing the rainforest zone

Why To Choose Lemosho Route?

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6-9 days trekking

Lemosho Route is one of the panoramic routes of Kilimanjaro. Amongst all Kilimanjaro routes, this newer route is gaining more popularity day by day. Mount Kilimanjaro can be hiked in a maximum of 9 days and a minimum of 6 days in total. However, the longer itinerary increases the success rate.

The various campsites and huts along the route are -

  • MtiMkubwa Camp (2895 m)
  • Shira 1 Camp (3505 m)
  • Shira 2 Camp (3810 m)
  • Moir Hut (4200 m)
  • Barranco Camp (3976 m)
  • Karanga Camp (3995 m)
  • Barafu Camp (4673 m)
  • Mweka Camp (3068 m)

Best Trail To Climb Kilimanjaro Via Lemosho Route

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Lemosho Route starts on the west side of Kilimanjaro from Londorossi Gate. After the starting gate the trek continues to the Shira camp travelling through the lush rainforest zone. The path then move towards east of Shira plateau and reach at the Lava tower. The descending via Lemosho route follows the Mweka route.

It is prescribed to take the Lemosho Route with a whole night, to encounter the astounding background of Carter camp. The undertaking to carter camp is a standout amongst the most courageous piece of Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. It gives you and possibility of dozing medium-term in the bowl of the cavity.

Get the Kilimanjaro Packing List and Kilimanjaro Gear Rental for a Successful Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing via Lemosho Route.

Lemosho Route Itinerary For Kilimanjaro

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7 Days Lemosho Route

84% Success Rate

The seven day Lemosho variation is preferred over the six day option because it breaks up day two into two days, providing better acclimatization and a more gradual ascent. On the seven day route, we walk from Forest Camp to Shira Camp 1 on day two, a reasonable altitude gain of 2,000 feet.

Summit Success Chance - Good
Altitude Profile - Excellent
Difficulty - Challenging
Scenery - Excellent

7 days

Group Trek Price $1,799

8 Days Lemosho Route

92% Success Rate

This is the longest and most remote route to Kilimanjaro. After beautiful forests and moorlands it crosses the Shira Plateau to meet up with the Machame Route. The forests around the Lemosho Glades are rich in buffalo, elephant and Other game.The South Circuit is then followed.

Summit Success Chance - High
Altitude Profile - Excellent
Difficulty - Doable
Scenery - Excellent

8 Days

Group Trek Price $1,950

8 Days Lemosho Route With Crater Camp

92% Success Rate

The Lemosho route is considered as one of the most beautiful routes on Kilimanjaro. The trek begins at Lemosho gate on the west side of the mountain. The climb takes you through the fertile rainforest to the wildflowers of the Heath ecosystem. Advancing from the west allows..

Summit Success Chance - Good
Altitude Profile - Average
Difficulty - Challenging
Scenery - Excellent

8 days

Group Trek Price $2,550

9 Days Lemosho Route With Crater Camp

95% Success Rate

The 9 day Lemosho Crater Camp Route is better altitude acclimatization programme. Lemosho is perfect for climbers seeking a more private hiking experience. Although the route joins with the more popular Machame route on the third evening, the first three days on ...

Summit Success Chance - High
Altitude Profile - Average
Difficulty - Challenging
Scenery - Excellent

9 days

Group Trek Price $2,675

Want To Make Comparison Between Kilimanjaro Routes

Lets Jump In And Look At The Various Kilimanjaro Routes. Find The Differences And Decide The Best Routes For Summit.

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