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Marangu Route Climbing Facts

Marangu Route Climbing Facts

Marangu Route Climbing Facts covers the Total Ascent & Descent Distance, Total Trek Duration, Difficulty & Highlights. Have these to Conquer Kilimanjaro!

  • Ascent Distance: 36.75 Km
  • Descent Distance: 36.75 Km (Marangu Route)
  • Total Distance: 73.5 Km
  • Total Trek Duration: 5-7 Days
  • Trek Difficulty: Easy
  • Highlight: Camping Not Allowed, Cheap
  • The Marangu Route was Nicknamed the 'Coca-Cola' route as Coke used to be purchased en route in tea cottages
  • The route is frequently chosen by ill-equipped, unpracticed climbers because of the notoriety for being the "simplest" route, crediting to the lower achievement rate
  • It is additionally the most limited Kilimanjaro route with a generally poor acclimatization profile
  • Out of all the Kilimanjaro routes, the Marangu Route is the just a solitary one with quarters style settlement in cottages for the entire span of the climb
  • The Marangu offers wonderful perspectives from the Saddle yet can be viewed as less picturesque than other Kilimanjaro routes because of rising and drop on same trail

Based on these Marangu Route Climbing Facts, Choosing Marangu Route gives the best chance of getting to Kilimanjaro with high success rate, low difficulty level and a great acclimatization profile!Also go through MaranguRoute Pros And Cons to make sure for your successful Kilimanjaro Adventure!

Marangu Route Climbing Facts



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