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Umbwe Route Climbing Facts

Umbwe Route Climbing Facts

Umbwe Route Climbing Facts covers the Total Ascent & Descent Distance, Total Trek Duration, Difficulty & Highlights. Have these to Conquer Kilimanjaro!

  • Ascent Distance: 27.71 Km
  • Descent Distance: 20.6 Km (Mweka Route)
  • Total Distance: 48.31 Km
  • Total Trek Duration: 6-8 Days
  • Trek Difficulty: Strenuous, Steep
  • Highlight: Steep, For experienced climbers only
  • The Umbwe Route has a short and soak starting profile up to Barranco camp where trekkers join climbers from the Lemosho, Shira and Machame route
  • Some Umbwe Route trekkers don't join the southern circuit at Barranco however rather proceed with north, up to Lava Tower and after that onto the Western Breach
  • The Umbwe has poor acclimatization openings because of its quick climb and thusly achievement rates can be low on this Kilimanjaro route
  • Completely catered camping

Based on these UmbweRoute Climbing Facts, Choosing Umbwe Route gives the best chance of getting to Kilimanjaro with high success rate, low difficulty level and a great acclimatization profile!Also go through Umbwe Route Pros And Cons to make sure for your successful Kilimanjaro Adventure!

Umbwe Route Climbing Facts



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