A story of success and determination- Erik Conover, who touched the peak of Kilimanjaro.

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up – Nelson Mandela”

Many dreamers are dreaming about achieving their goals/dreams; however few people dare to do it. We are presenting a story of the man who has achieved his dreams, pushing his limits to an unimaginable level. Introducing Mr. Erik Conover, the YouTube sensation who is been vlogging about travel and fitness since Mar 28, 2012. Starting the journey as a Youtuber this American video content creator and adventure filmmaker is already ruling over 1.03M subscriber’s hearts.

Mr. Erik Conover caught our focus when he took a challenge for himself to conquer the highest free-standing mountain in the world. When we came across the amazing vlogs he captured during the 9 days journey of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, we thought of presenting his true encounters in front of our audience. Being an established and specialized trekking company operating in Kilimanjaro we are truly amazed by Mr. Erik's journey.

Kicking-off the journey:

Viewed by 58,042 viewers the first part of the video is enough to inspire the aspiring climbers who are still dreaming about summiting the peak of Kilimanjaro. The journey is so clearly captured that it started from New York City and ended up in the destination. The incredible journey of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was done by Erik along with his friend Patrick who is also a travel freak. They climbed this giant mountain in 9 days via the Western Breach route. 

Picking food and exploring the locals;

This young guy truly knows what to be shown and when. He shared all the needed information. Collecting food is one of the crucial parts of the journey as the majestic mountain of the African Continent throws some tough challenges. The trick to surviving on Kilimanjaro is good food, great stamina, and high mental endurance. Hence the video starts at gathering food for the journey as well as it have some amazing footages of the local market, people, local attires, and some high-spirited Tanzanian kids. You can watch some real footage of the market having sandals made out of the tire, some local Tanzanian food, and the tow truck.  

The foothill:


The real journey starts with capturing the marvelous foot-hills that is truly mesmerizing. Covered with dense green vegetation the foot-hill of Kilimanjaro is shot in a stunning way heading towards the 2nd climatic zone through the rustic muddy way. 

The Shira Camp: 

We are truly blown by the thoughtfulness words of Erick while he reaches with his team on the Shira camp 1 that is on 11, 800 feet height. You will be stun at the scenes as well as the words by Erick which truly make you feel like you are just sitting beside him on the rock in Shira camp between the clouds. At Shira, the real picture of mighty Kilimanjaro is been revealing, which just creates a spell-bound effect in mind. 

The AMS: 

Altitude Sickness

Acute mountain sickness that is experienced by more than 77% of climbers can discriminately felt from the expression of Erik. But still, we can see the motivation from his face that we are damn sure can help the aspiring climbers to get motivated more.

(Note: here we would like to mention that Erik has a high level of fitness as well as he well-prepared himself 2 months before Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro)     

The Give-up Moment: 

Just like movie sequences not only the highs you will also witness the lows in the Kilimanjaro series of Erik. At the Moore-land zone on 13,000ft with the worst thunder and rainfall with high altitude sickness Erik finally decides to give-up on the journey and get back. However, there is where the twist lies. Proving the proverb right “determination will get you through anything” Erick moves ahead with more courage and we feel that’s the best part of the video. 

Another world on earth- Arrow Glacier camp:

The stunning background covered in all white will just make you feel like you are at some other planet just described by Erik. Sitting on the elevation of 16,000tf, the view from Arrow Glacier camp is just breath-taking giving a feel like landing on a fairy-land. The journey has so beautifully described in the video.

The test day- climbing Western Breach:

Conquering the hardest part of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is amazingly filmed in this vlog. The journey started off crossing this rock-slide at 3 am, putting the head-light and all other gears on. The stunning footages captured on the video will just blow your mind. The snow that seems just like diamond dust sparkling at its best in the moon-light will take you to some imaginary world. Touching the yards and yards of ice-covered spaces is just like a dream and Erik has pictured it soulfully that can capture any climber’s senses.  

We at Ascend Tanzania truly believe there is nothing impossible to achieve if you are truly determined. We salute the fearlessness and diligence of this young talented YouTuber; more power to you Erik.

We are in search of more such inspiring stories if you have one let us know in the comment section.

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