Responsible For Your Safety on Mount Kilimanjaro –You or Kilimanjaro Operator


The graceful forested flanks rising up to a stately snow-capped summit! It is world’s highest free standing mountain and Africa’s highest peak. Adventurous climbers challenge on its muddy slopes, rocky trails and slippery scree. What are the rewards?

The trill standing at the top of Africa, magnificent view of Kilimanjaro’s ice fields, and witnessing the sunrise illuminating the plains far below!

In between the thrill and rewards, who will be responsible for your safety? Is it you or the Kilimanjaro Operator you selected?

Ascend Tanzania provides you a list of details on what an operator is focusing on while you are on the tour and why they are one of the Top Kilimanjaro Tour Operator.

Are you finishing your meals or hardly eating: Yes! We don’t want you to climb Kili with empty stomach. As your destination is one of the highest altitude levels, you need to be healthy and fit to reach the summit and enjoy the beauty of Kilmanjaro!

Are you asking for water refills or barely drinking: While hiking or trekking on the high altitude regions, the main safety precaution to be taken is ‘not getting dehydrated’. Our crew will provide you with water throughout your trek and take care of your safety to be hydrated on the altitudes.

Are you strong on the trail or labouring through: If you are feeling any difficulties with the trail, low like physical endurances or mental stamina? If so, you will need to inform to one of your guide and your safety will be taken care by nearest medical assistance.

Are you stable on feet or losing balance: Most of the time some trekkers face this problem of losing balance. Ascend Tanzania Tour Operators always recommend you to use boots and trekking poles with you while you trek.

Are you breathing normally or out of breath: This is one of the common issues faced while climbing high altitudes. This is the reason operators acclimatize trekkers before going for summit and stay alert to any changes in their breathing.

Is your personality same or has your behaviour changed: If the operator/guide finds any changes in your personality or behaviour such as, Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and other severe variants like, High altitude cerebral Edema (HACE) you will be immediately directed to Helicoptor rescue/ Evacuated by Air Ambulance and get transferred to the best hospital in East Africa.

The Team Ascend Tanzania Is Well Prepared For Emergencies And Follow All Kilimanjaro Climbing Safety.

We Have Established Rescue Protocols In Place.

Our guides have the knowledge of first aids on emergencies as they are trained to handle emergency situation.

Our staffs always carry emergency oxygen on every climbs and they can administer oxygen to treat AMS - Acute Mountain Sickness or Altitude Sickness.

Our staffs carry a portable stretcher to evacuate climber who need to descend but are not able to walk.

Our staff can initiate helicopter evacuation through Kilimanjaro Rescue.

In case of emergency, we shift the climber to a nearest best hospital for further check up.

In case of any affirmation at the hospital, our office team communicates with the climber’s travel insurance company about Kilimanjaro Insurance to settle hospital expenses.

Ascend Tanzania does all the possible ways to protect climbers but this shouldn’t be considered as primary safety. We are always there while you need to be rescued from Altitude sickness.

The primary person who is responsible for your safety is you! It’s you who should take care of yourself while Climbing Kilimanjaro.


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