Tanzania Plans To Install Kilimanjaro Cable Car For Physically Challenged Tourists

Kilimanjaro is a well-known name worldwide, especially between the mountaineers. With its majestic height of 5,895m, the mountain tends to attract more than 30,000 climbers every year. Some of them are trained mountaineers while few are the newbie on the rocky paths. Out of all the trekkers, around 50% make it up to the peak.

install Kilimanjaro Cable Car for physically challenged tourists

Many examples have been set by trekkers that are more than 80 years old as well as less than 8 years too. So, the govt. of Tanzania do realize there are numbers of climbers who belong to senior age group or some kids whose parents are planning to trek mount Kilimanjaro want to be on the top of Africa. However, everyone doesn’t have the physical endurance to trek the mountain to the top.

Keeping this in mind the govt. has decided to start a Cable Car service to the peak of Kilimanjaro. It will help the old people, kids, and physically challenged travelers to the top of Africa so that they won’t miss the chance of exploring the breath-taking peak of Kilimanjaro. Another reason for starting this service is increasing the number of tourists which will directly benefit the economy of the country. Govt. is in the hope that it will double the number of tourists to Kilimanjaro.

The govt. is planning this Kilimanjaro Cable Car Service to initiate in Tanzania with a Chinese and a Western company. Tanzania Govt. claims that it will enhance the tourist’s number by 50% more. The study is going on about the possible routes to start the service.

Cable cars to the top of mountains are not a new idea. There have been cable car services in many places like; Sweden, Italy, and the Himalayas. The deputy minister for tourism Mr. Constantine Kanyasu has told that the length of the cable car way has not been decided yet. The engineering issues, environmental impact, business plans, potential investors, as well as profits all elements are under supervision.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

While the idea is great for adding more revenue to the financial growth of Tanzania it is been criticized by many. Some online petitions are going on against the decision, especially the porters, guides, and cooks of Kilimanjaro are dissatisfied with the decision.

One climber needs at least 5 to 6 staff to climb Kilimanjaro including 1 to 2 guides, 3 to 4 porters, and 1 cook. Many of the porters and guides are dependent upon the trekkers for their daily life expenses who hire them for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Some of them are the only person who is providing financial protection to the family. So, they are getting afraid that if once the cable car will start it may hamper their business. More people may opt for hiring a cable car rather than going for a traditional way of climbing Kilimanjaro.

There are many branded trekking companies such as Ascend Tanzania and a few others who are supporting these guides and porters so that they can continue their life smoothly. Many people are not happy with the decision however, we need to wait for the final results.

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