In order to make the climb successful, you have to choose the one that is best of all other Kilimanjaro Routes. Apart from that, you must also have the following tools such as:-

a. A Perfect Plan
b. High-Quality Gears
c. Highly Experienced Guide  

Now what we have mentioned above is not enough to make the climb, you will need to do the following Kilimanjaro Tips in order to make the climb successful:- 

1. Find A Reputable Company

This is one of the most important of all the Mount Kilimanjaro Tips to take. You have to find a reputed company like Ascend Tanzania for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro that is prominent for providing expert guides and porters as well as high-quality gear for rent.

2. Train Yourself In Advance

Train Your Self

In order to make your Ultimate Kilimanjaro Trekking, you have to train yourself first. It is not just about your physical endurance that we are talking about. It is also about your mental preparedness as well.

As far as your physical preparedness is concerned, you can go for aerobic training also known as Cardio that uses oxygen to adequately meet the energy demands of the exercise via aerobic metabolism. Now when it comes to the mental stamina you have to work hard on it. You have to keep on pushing your body to extreme limits just by reminding yourself that you can do it.        

3. Take Altitude Medication

While hiking on any of the prescribed Kilimanjaro Routes you will have to take proper altitude medication to keep your senses from going dark. Moreover, your accompanying guides will also help you from getting any types of AMS sickness by regularly checking your body vitals after reaching every new altitude level. 

4. Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Like it or not, without drinking water frequently you are going to be at your worst. You will be dehydrating rapidly and lose strength while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Thus, it will be better for you to keep on drinking water during the hike using your personal water bottle during the break in any one of the mountain campsites. Additionally, you can also use a Camelbak water bladder during the hike.      

5. Take It Slow And Steady

Even the porters accompanying you will raise slogans such as ‘Pole Pole’ during the entire climbs that mean they want to go slowly & gently in their local Swahili language. Yes, it is no doubt that it is a non-technical climb but in no way, it means that you are going to the top that easily.

You have to hike slowly & slowly because while ascending up on your own legs, you are using more energy than a normal walk. Any quick steps on the mountain will drain your energy rapidly and you will not be able to make it anymore. So for you and everyone else, slow & steady wins the race while trekking for the mountain.     

6. Rent A Toilet

Rent A Toilet

Whenever you get the time, just pee on the mountain behind a bush or a rock during the trek In case you are on a campsite, it is up to you to use or rent a toilet. You will feel better while hiking on the mountain with an empty bladder. We will say the same thing while going to sleep.  

7. Believe In Yourself!

In order to push yourself harder to reach the peak you have to believe in yourself and keep on repeating this statement in your mind and soul, ‘I can do it’. Such words and statements of encouragements always work like magic. 

8. Treat Yourself With Calories


In order to get the energy to hike up to the peak, you have to constantly keep on eating the calorie-rich food throughout the hike. All those people who think that by doing so they will gather a huge amount of fat then yes they are right but don’t worry all the fat is going to fade away during the hike and everyone who got up to the peak will lose some additional weight and will look wonderful. The climb will change them totally.

9. Sleep Well On The Mountain

Having adequate sleep is very important during the trek. But on a high mountain like Kilimanjaro, your body will be adjusting to the altitude while at the same time you might be facing jet lag. You might find yourself frequently waking up all through the night. But don’t worry the first few nights will be hard on you and but the acclimatization process will set it right.

10. Learn What You Can

learn what you can

While scaling one of the Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes to reach the peak, you can make pacts of friendship with Experience Trekkers on the climb and they will eventually give up some fantastic kilimanjaro tips and tricks on the same mountain. There past history with the Kilimanjaro will help you so much. It is certainly going to make your climb easier.

There is one more additional Mount Kilimanjaro Tip that we want to add up for you and that is none other than the lessons of acclimatization while using any of the Kilimanjaro Routes. It is advised to spend more time on the high altitude and if possible ‘go high & sleep low’ in order to get acclimatized. To know more, visit us @ https://ascendtanzania.com.

Even our blogs show up with lots of experience regarding the trek so please visit our page @ https://ascendtanzania.com/blog/.     

Do you want to share your feelings? Then please write to us @ info@ascendtanzania.com

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