How Expensive is Climbing Kilimanjaro?

If you are wondering about how much will it cost to climb the majestic Kilimanjaro, here is the simple answer to your question. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Can Cost you in between $1445 to $2445. However, the prices differ based on the following factors:

  • The route you choose to climb.
  • How many people are climbing.
  • What itinerary you choose.

Apart from the above-mentioned price which is usually the package charge of the Kilimanjaro tour operators, you have to be prepared for extra cost while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Your extra cost includes a lot of stuff, like traveling, health & travel insurance, gears for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and tipping to your guides & porters.  

Why Kilimanjaro Trekking Seems a Bit Pricy?

Kilimanjaro Trekking

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro might seem a bit expensive and most of the trekkers who dream about Climbing Kilimanjaro usually step back sometimes thinking the trek operators are charging a lot. Here, we would like to clarify that the prices that are charged for Climbing Kilimanjaro are fairly justified as the trek operators have to pay a lot of fees for the trekkers, guides, and porters climbing the peak at many point.

The fees they pay include:


  • Park fees per person and variable, i.e. transfers and equipment
  • The climbing crew salary
  • The entry gate fees
  • Amortization Costs (that include Kilimanjaro gears like sleeping bag, kitchen essential items, and more)
  • The taxes to the Tanzanian Govt
  • Safety (arranging safety workshops for guides, supplying emergency oxygen, oximeter and tonometer)
  • Reasonable comfort Ad-Ons
  • Accommodation before and after climb
  • Average tour operator commission
  • Other charges (like food, water, snacks item, beverages etc.)


An Approximate Cost Estimation Route Wise:

Kilimanjaro Routes

As routes affect the cost in a lot way we would like to give you an idea of the approximate cost that you may have to spend during your trekking. Being one of the front-liner, established, and experienced local trekking operator “Ascend Tanzania” has been operated thousands of successful trekking. Offering both solo and group tour Ascend Tanzania is covering up all the major routes. Here we are presenting approximate route costs that are highly appreciated by Ascend Tanzania’s hikers;

 Route                       Price for solo hiker         Price for 2-4 hiker                      5+ hikers

Marangu (5 days)                $1445                                 $1295                                  $1225

Marangu (6 days)                $1650                                 $1490                                  $1420

Machame (6 days)               $1750                                 $1590                                  $1520             

Machame (7 days)               $1945                                 $1780                                  $1710

Umbwe (6 days)                  $1765                                 $1605                                  $1535

Umbwe (7 days)                  $1960                                 $1795                                  $1725

Rongai (6 days)                   $1830                                 $1650                                  $1580

Rongai (7 days)                   $2025                                 $1860                                  $1790

Lemosho (7 days)               $2045                                 $1880                                  $1810

Lemosho (9 days)               $2445                                 $2245                                  $2175


The Final Ad-Ons:

Top View of Kilimanjaro

The above given are just to give a rough calculation, however, that’s not the final expenditure. A few more factors will be ad-on to your expenses, which you need to be prepared for apart from paying your charges to the trek operator.

Travel Cost: The travel cost is one of the significant expenditure of your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing as it involves all the air-ticket prices. The ticket cost depends on where you are flying if you are going to take a direct flight or indirect/connecting flight.

Health Precaution Charges: Before entering the country every trekker is advised to go for a health check-up as well as the yellow fever vaccination is the mandatory one for all the travelers flying from other countries. This will be an extra cost that you need to add with Your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost.

Insurance: It’s advisable to purchase travel and health insurance before your visit to Tanzania and if you are coming for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro then it’s much important to have as there are some health risks involved (ex: Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness or any accident while climbing).

Tipping Cost: Tipping is like a tradition in Tanzania, the guides and porters conduct a tipping ceremony after completion of the trek. At the end of the ceremony trekkers usually give some tips to the guides and porters and it’s solely your expenditure. So don’t miss to include some amount extra in your wallet for the tipping.

All this information provided here hopefully will help your financial planning for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as well as it will also give you a clear idea why Kilimanjaro Trekking seems a bit expensive. You can send your feedback or any more tips you want to know for planning your Mount Kilimanjaro Trek you can drop us a mail @ .

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