How Hard is it To Climb Kilimanjaro?

From all the questions Trekkers ask before Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the toughest question to answer is “How hard is it to climb Kilimanjaro”. Here we would like to clear a great miss-conception that “Climbing Kilimanjaro is hardest”. To be honest; Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is not hard. 

The mountain having a height of 5,895m is a dream peak of many mountaineers (including both the pro and aspirant hikers). While planning a hike to the majestic peak the question arises if it’s hard and if so then how hard it is? Is it possible to trek without technical hiking training as well as how fit you need to achieve the trek? 

 Here we have tried to make the trekkers clear about a few facts regarding the hardness of the climb. 

The Level of Difficulty:

Kilimanjaro routes difficulty

The difficulty level of Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro depends upon various factors like:

  • How many days you are choosing to climb?
  • The route you choose to climb?
  • Are fully equipped with right gears?
  • Have you trained yourself well?
  • Most importantly how much mental willing you have?
Days of Itinerary:

It’s proven that those trekkers who choose longer days itinerary (usually 8 days or more) they have a successful hike to the summit.

Choice of Route: 

Kilimanjaro Routes

Kilimanjaro Routes have their pros and cons as well the success-rates or preference completely depends upon the trekker’s enthusiasm. The mountain offers 6 iconic Kilimanjaro Routes to trek to the top out of which 5 are mostly preferred by the trekkers. Here the 5 routes with its success rate:

  • Machame Route: Success Rate is 85%
  • The Rongai route: Success rate is 80%
  • Lemosho Route: 8 day option is usually around 90% and the 7 day around 85%
  • The Marangu Route: Offers only 50% success rate
  • The Umbwe Route: Success rate is 60%-70%

Physical Fitness Does Matter:

Kilimanjaro fitness

How fit you are; matter the most for a successful climb. Usually, the trekkers do good fitness training before Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. For ascending such a big altitude a bit of training like cycling, jogging, sometime in the gym, and practicing hiking (small altitude hikes) makes the Kilimanjaro hiking easier.

The Perfect Gears:

Kilimanjaro gear

Just equip yourself with the Right Kilimanjaro gears to have a successful summit. Kilimanjaro gears are parted into 3 categories; clothing gears, hiking gears, and camping gear. It’s though a little bit high to purchase all of them; hence it’s advisable to rent them. You can find more information about the Kilimanjaro Gears Rental and get 100% Summit Success Guarantee. 

Mental Strength; The Fuel to Body:

mentally prepare for Kilimanjaro

If you are ready to climb the highest peak of the African Continent, you need to be well-prepared physically as well as mentally. Mental strength is much needed as like physical fitness. Prepare yourself well for the challenges you will face, if you are ready mentally it won’t be a big deal to face tackle any unexpected situation during your hike.

This extreme height isn’t that difficult to climb if prepared right way. Taking care of the above-mentioned factors you can climb this tricky altitude successfully. The prime factor that makes the trek successful is by “Choosing the Expert”. Click @ and meet the expert Kilimanjaro trekking company.

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