Kilimanjaro porters: God’s helping Hand while climbing Kilimanjaro.

Hire a helping hand to make your dreams live.

Are you planning for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; the highest freestanding mountain in the world? Are you afraid of the fact that how to summit 5, 895m carrying a lot of baggage? Well, Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most unique peaks, it doesn’t only provide 6 ultimate routes choice but the trekking company comes with the best solutions to make your hiking comfortable and successful; and the “Kilimanjaro Porters” are the best asset of the companies.

The snow-capped dormant of Kilimanjaro is attracting many trekkers worldwide for a long time. The mountain though offers a non-technical climb but it’s not a weak-hearts thing to achieve. Being one of the largest mountains of the African continent the mountain has its geographical structure. It goes through 5 climatic zones hence the trekker needs to get prepared well with the needed Kilimanjaro Gear which includes proper clothing, hiking gears, and camping gear. Apart from this one need to carry their personal items that they may need on their way to hike as the hike may be of 5 or more days.

Hiking 5,895m carrying all the baggage is next to impossible, and there come the porters in light. The Porters on Kilimanjaro usually will carry all your hiking gears and assist you to ascend and descend the mountain.

Who are porters?


Porters are an incredible group of men you will meet during your ascending and descending to Kilimanjaro who won’t fail to draw your admiration. From age 18 to 40 (which is the legal age of Kilimanjaro porters) you will meet these hard-working peoples making the climber’s journey most comfortable by carrying all their gears. Kilimanjaro porters are like god’s angel who helps the climbers to achieve their dream of summiting the “Roof of Africa”.  

Kilimanjaro Porters

Why you need porters?


If you think you can do a successful summit without hiring a porter or porters then you are completely wrong. The porters are the support systems of the climbers, and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro without porters is not possible. The hike to one of the ultimate summits of the world is moderately difficult and moreover as the mountain’s climate change now and then copping up with it is a great challenge. To deal with the 5 climatic zones the trekkers need to carry many gears to protect them from cold, hot, rain, dust, etc. as well as the trail ways only allows to rest in camps/tents.  So carrying all these gears to the top including your baggage is quite hectic and due to heavy load and altitude sickness, many climbers just leave their journey in a midway. So, hiring a porter is the prime thing to do who will ease your entire journey. Most porters are connected with the trekking companies and once you choose a trekking company they will appoint one or more porters to carry your languages. These Kilimanjaro porters are usually very hard working they don’t only carry your baggage but also help in a lot of work like settling up the camp/tent etc.

What is their Working Condition?


The working condition of this most important system of your climbing chain is the bottom as they are the most negligible ones. Most of the porters are not permanent appointed employees of the trekking companies except few established trekking operators. These porters are hired as freelancers and the least paid employees of the company.

What is their Working Condition?

How much to tip porters on Kilimanjaro?


Tips are though not mandatory but it’s kind of tradition and a way to show your gratitude to the porters who have supported you in every step on your hiking journey. Climbing 5,895m with you not having proper clothing gear or footwear, still taking care of your comfortable journey is something to appreciate about them.

Most of the Kilimanjaro porters are freelancers and they don’t even get paid by the trek operators when a trekker chooses a budget-package. Hence, their sole living depends upon your tip. So, tipping is quite appreciated. The tipping amount is completely your own choice however; a decent amount that has been decided is $10/day.     

The KPAP for Kilimanjaro Porters


The porters who are climbing with the trekkers used to be the most negligible ones and many porters used to carry a lot of weight that used to be unbearable. To help them in 2003 the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) was legally registered and a non-profit organization that took the responsibility to help these poor links of the climbing chain. KPAP made it mandatory that no porter should be carrying more than 15kg of weight. KPAP also works to raise funds for Kilimanjaro porters to get them necessary clothes and other gears which can make their climb easier.
Who are porters?

How many porters do I need to climb Kilimanjaro?


One of the most asked questions of the travelers that how many porters a climber needs for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. Well, earlier one climber used to hire 1 porter but after the Kilimanjaro Porter Association Project made it illegal to let a porter carry more than 15kg. So, now the trekking operator will alert 2 to 3 porters per climber according to the baggage.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not something should be taken lightly. Kilimanjaro porters are one of the integral parts of your journey on Kilimanjaro summiting, so it’s good to be a responsible climber and stick with the guidelines. We at Ascend Tanzania believe taking care of our staff and letting them work in a good environment which ultimately makes them work with the best of their spirit which makes your journey more successful. Know more about ethics and tips to climb Kilimanjaro just by clicking @

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