Top 5 Challenges That You Face With Climbing Kilimanjaro In 2019

  • Mountain Gear
  • Clothes
  • Your personal daypack
  • Quality oriented sleeping bags
  • Water bottles

Even after preparing so much, Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not easy in case you don’t take stock of these following scenarios that will come in your way during the hike:-

Extreme Altitude


The Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing requires every mountaineer to go higher and the more you will go high, the more you will be restless and feel the difficulty in breathing oxygen. It happens only when a trekker reaches a certain amount of height where he/she will start getting the effects of an extreme altitude. In order to such a condition, the climber must fulfill the following conditions such as:-

  1. An exercise fit body
  2. Getting trained to acclimatize on a high mountain to sustain for a long period of time
  3. Taking regular checkups with the help of a mountain guide to avoiding the early onset of mountain sickness

Lack Of Sleep

Lack Of Sleep

It will be better for you to sleep as much as possible throughout the Kilimanjaro Trekking otherwise you will risk falling for the worst symptoms of altitude mountain sickness that can also damage your brain. Thus, please choose a route that provides lots of huts and plenty of breaks along the route to get an ample amount of time to sleep well.

Excellent But Different Food


In order to stay ahead of others on the trek, it will be in your best interests to intake excellent calorie oriented food served in those mountain huts to you. Such an energy based food will help you to hold your ground and maintain your walk while Climbing Kilimanjaro. It will also give you the stamina to continue with the climb.

High UV Levels From Sun


During the Kilimanjaro Trekking, you will also have to face high levels of ultra-violet rays from the sun especially when you are closer to the equator on the mountain. Thus, it will better for you to stay equipped with the necessary tools to combat it such as:-

  1. Sunscreen is your first line of defense against the brutal sun rays. Thus, in order to make it work effectively on you, you have to put on sunscreen regularly and in the right places.

  2. You will need high-quality sunglasses that will filter at least 95 percent of the sun’s ultra-violet rays. You will have to make tinted glasses with side-shields to cover your eyes.



You cannot let your body to dry up so easily while hiking on the mountain. Thus, it will be your responsibility to keep on hydrating yourself by drinking excess amounts of water. Carry a hydration pack along with you so that you can constantly drink the necessary liquids to stay healthy while getting closer to the peak.

You can achieve success by Climbing Kilimanjaro if you take all the above-mentioned scenarios and prepare your remedies to contain them. Furthermore, please don’t undermine or underestimate even a single detail regarding the trek as that can risk triggering your fall. To know more, please visit us @

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