Why 70% of People Failed to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro But Like the Challenge?

  • Every route taken to reach the peak through Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing will show the mountaineering people mesmerizing green forests and rare forms of wildlife.


  • You will enjoy exploring rain forests, heather moors, lava formations, and glaciers by climbing through five distinct pleasant zones.


  • You can also stare at the stars more closely through camping on the crater floor during the night time.


Now, here they have to cross some roadblocks that are forbidding people from taking the trek are as follows:-  


Highest Peak On the African Continent


Highest Peak on the African Continent


As it is the highest peak on the African continent it needs more time and longer routes to trek & reaches the mountain peak and those with limited time and energy are not able to do so. But in order to achieve something great, you have to make a few sacrifices and focus more on your goal.


Altitude Sickness


Altitude Sickness


All those who are going for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro have to face altitude sickness of various forms. Those who are prepared to combat such fate only get symptoms like headache & nausea and others who have ignored this factor have to go through more grueling effects.


Spend More Time For Summit Success


Those who are determined to make the trek a success spend more time on the mountain by choosing longer routes and spending extra time for acclimatization periods.

But those with a limited amount of time in their hands are forced to take the shorter routes that are the reason why some of the trekkers fail to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro so miserably.


Need More Physical Strength


Need More Physical Strength


In order to successfully reach the summit people need more strength and stamina to go for the trek. It means they have to take constant breaks at all the designated spots with makeshift camps where you will be served with tasty and calorie oriented food that will provide energy for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.

Apart from that, you can stop whenever you want in order to take sufficient sips of water to stay hydrated that will minimize the risk of getting altitude sickness.


Costing High For Climbing


Longer treks mean you have to pay more for the package, gear, clothes, porters and the guides. If you are the one who is comparing the cost against Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing then you will find that the cost of the entire package is nothing compared to reaching the summit.

Apart from that, you have to tip even the porters for their extraordinary dedication in taking care of you.


Special Climbing Skills And Equipment


Special Climbing Skills And Equipment


Last but not least, people sometimes hesitate to invest extra time and money in acquiring special climbing skills and equipment. But all such people are actually missing the bigger picture here.

These special climbing skills and equipment are vital to achieving success on the mountain as well as safeguarding your life.


All the individuals reaching the Uhuru peak through Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing will be greatly satisfied with their achievement and not only that they will learn many important lessons with the hike.

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